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Introducing, Mill+Commons

Introducing, Mill+Commons


Preservation is so important now more so than ever. And it's really our responsibility to make our purchases matter.

Hi, I'm Andrew, I'm the founder of Mill+Commons. We're a Vancouver based furniture design company, forging a path to create ethically and sustainably sourced furniture. When we started on this journey of building our furniture company, we really started with a lot of questions that began with why, why is it currently done this way? Why are we using unsustainable production practices? Why is the wood we're sourcing not ethically sourced and sourced within North America?

As we started answering these questions, we really started to build out our values and our core beliefs within our company. We then started thinking about our first product for Mill+Commons, I really gravitated towards a dining table, mainly because it's a place where family friends, we gather, we congregate. It has so many uses within the home. And this is something I really wanted to focus on and create a really amazing piece that would fit within this space. We created two different size tables, A four seater and a six seater. We also then created those in two different colour options, a really light and airy white oak, and then also a really dark, dramatic black stained red oak.

Throughout this journey, we made lots and lots and lots of models, we created some amazing designs, we created some terrible designs, but that is really just part of the process. iteration creates beautiful products, it creates innovation.
And that's what we wanted to do with this company.

When you're buying from a company, you're not only just buying that product, you're supporting their values, you are supporting their growth, you're ultimately using your purchase as a way to contribute to the conversation that we're having globally. We need to demand ethical products we need to demand sustainability and this is something that that we want to provide

Posted Sep 14, 2021 in Circular Economy