Furniture Care

Each of our products requires a little help to keep it looking it's best over time. Click below to read specific care instructions for our product styles and materials.

Care Instructions

We strive to design and develop the best possible furniture for you. To make sure that your furniture continues to serve you well, we recommend taking proper care of them by following the below tips and tricks:

  • Always follow the Instructions that come with the furniture
  • Remember to tighten screws and bolts from time to time
  • Wood is a living material and wood surfaces will patinate over time. How much and how fast the surface will patinate depends on the exposure to light. Avoid placing your furniture in direct sun light.
  • Wood surfaces, including lacquered surfaces, do not stand moisture, heat or alcohol. Spills must be wiped up immediately
  • We recommend not covering the surfaces partly as this can cause color differences across the surface
  • Never place furniture right up against radiators or other heating devices
  • Always start with the most gentle cleaning product
  • Never use sanding products like scouring powder, metal polishes or cleaners that contain ammonia
  • Indoor furniture should not be used outside
  • Sweat is acidic and can affect natural materials like wood and leather
  • If you experience any issue with your furniture, you are always welcome to reach out to our customer care

For everyday cleaning and specific stain removal, please follow the below instructions.


For day-to-day cleaning, wipe the furniture with a clean cloth. For thorough cleaning, first wipe off loose dust/dirt. Wring out a clean cloth with a solution of water and a mild universal cleaning detergent. Wash off with clean water. To avoid stripes/blotches, you should finally wipe the furniture with a clean, dry cloth until it is completely dry.