Mill + Commons was born out of a love for substantial, sustainable furniture milled, designed and manufactured entirely within Canada.

Time for Change

It’s up to us to make our purchases matter. Congregating around meticulously crafted furniture that’s ethically and sustainably sourced is possible. We’ll show you how.

Our Founder

Working in the design industry, Andrew saw a gap in the market for beautiful and sustainable furniture that was worth its price tag — and most importantly, didn’t harm our environment. He founded Mill + Commons with the goal of running a business with social conscience. 

Purpose and Profit Are Partners

We embrace this value every day as we create sustainable furniture — while upholding our commitment to its high quality. And we do it all without cutting corners or resorting to costly markups.

Circular Economy

We support a circular economy, which thrives when we use products as long as possible.


We put it all on the table by sharing our practices, observations, and research with you.

Intentional design

Our catalogue is small by intention so we have room to ensure each piece is perfect, sustainable and ethical.